Here’s a few of all the TV-Series that are premiering this year, and it’s looking good!


Mörkt Hjärta, 9th February, Discovery+

Intimacy Coordinator: Sara Arrhusius


Harmonica, 20th Febuary, Viaplay

DoP: Ragna Jorming, Costume Designer Assistant: Agnes Varhelyi, Casting Director: Victoria Svanell


Lust, 18th March, HBO Max

Makeup Designer Assistant: Lotta Fischer Levén, Intimacy Coordinator: Malin B. Erikson


Spelskandalen, This fall, SVT

DoP: Simon Rudholm


Limbo, During 2022, Viaplay

Costume Designer: Sofie Krunegård, Intimacy Coordinator: Malin B. Erikson


Vi i villa, During 2022, Discovery+

DoP: Frida Wendel, 1st Assistant Director: Natalie Gosende Pedrosa, Hair & Makeup Designer: Mikael Andersson, Costume Designer: Sarah Mae White, Intimacy Coordinator: Sara Arrhusius


Blackwater, Winter 2022, SVT

Intimacy Coordinator: Malin B.Erikson, Head Set Dresser Stockholm: Anna Lu Ingvarson


Tunna Blå Linjen S2, This Fall, SVT

DoP (EP6-EP8): Erik Vallsten


Nattryttarna, This fall, TV4 & C More

Dop (EP1-EP4): Ola Magnestam, Dop (EP5-EP8): Gabriel Mckrttchian


Likea, During 2022, C More

DoP: Hanna Kriisa


Love & Anarchy S2, During 2022, Netflix

1st Assistant Director: James Velasquez


Fartblinda S2, During 2022, C More

Makeup Designer: Madeleine Törnqvist af Ström, Costume Designer: Nicolas Olivier Richard


Partisan S2, During 2022, Viaplay

Production Designer: Pia Wallin, Costume Designer: Sanna Nyström, Camera Operator: Mikael Lindström


The Playlist, This spring, Netflix

Makeup Designer: Linda Af Boije Gennäs, Makeup Extras Supervisor: Annika Stödberg, Extras Makeup/Hair: Therese Sandersson


Beck, This spring, C More

1st Assistant Dircetor: Jonatan Sköld, DoP: Gabriel Mkrttchian


Hamilton S2, During 2022, TV4 & C More

DoP: Calle von Sydow Persson, Casting Director: Tusse Lande, Costume Designer: Camilla Olai Lindblom, Makeup Designer: Daniela Krestelica


Pictures: Discovery+, Johan Paulin/HBO, Johan Paulin/SVT, Ulrika Malm/Netflix, Ulrika Malm / NENT GROUP, Johan Paulin/C More, SVT Play

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